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Outcomes Framework

The Oranga Tamariki Outcomes Framework sets out the main services we provide, how we intend to provide them differently from the past, and how we will know we're making a difference for tamariki and whānau.

It reflects the emerging operating model for Oranga Tamariki, which has been developed to meet new legislative requirements (in force since 1 July 2019) and which has been developed through extensive engagement over the last two years establishing Oranga Tamariki as a new Ministry. 

The Outcomes Framework also shows how our goals align to the Government’s overall vision in the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy

The Framework is a living document, and we welcome feedback from the public and our partners which can help drive better outcomes in future iterations.

Underpinning the framework

The Government's vision is to make New Zealand the best place in the world for children and young people, and that children and young people are safe and nurtured in their families, whānau and homes.

Our purpose is to ensure that all tamariki are in loving whānau and communities where oranga tamariki can be realised.

Our focus is on children and young people:

  • who are at significant risk of harm now and into the future as a consequence of their family environment, and/or their own complex needs
  • who have offended or may offend in the future.

Outcomes for tamariki Māori

We'll continue to work with our iwi and Māori organisation partners around areas where we can best work together for common outcomes, as well as those measures which will help hold us accountable for reducing disparities for tamariki Māori.

View or download the Outcomes Framework

The Framework is set out below. You can also download a 1 page printer friendly version.  

Outcomes Framework Goal 3
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