Finding your birth family

If you were part of an adoption that took place before 1985, it may be possible to find information about your birth parent or child.

We can help you with this process. 

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Finding your birth child

If your child was placed for adoption at a time when you didn’t know the adoptive parents and you’d now like to find out about them, Oranga Tamariki can help you through the process. 

You’ll need to complete a brief form including the child’s birth name, and where and when they were born, and send it to us. If you don't have all the information, write down what you know.

Call us to request a Section 8 form. We’ll get our adoption services closest to where you live to send this to you.

Once we receive the form we’ll check any records we have and get in touch. 

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Restrictions on releasing information

If your birth child is younger than 20, or they've asked to keep their information private, you may not be able to get information about them. If this is the case, we'll talk you through what this means.

We’ll check with Births Deaths and Marriages and let you know if there is a veto on the birth certificate that stops the name being given to you. We’ll also check to see if a letter of explanation for the veto has been left for you.

Connecting you to your birth child

If there’s no veto, we’ll try to locate and contact your birth child, and ask if they wish their name and address to be given to you. If they agree, we’ll give you their details and you’re free to make contact with them.

If you’re a birth father

If your name wasn’t registered on the birth certificate but you now wish to have your name entered on it, you can apply to Births Deaths and Marriages to have it added.

Or if your name is in Oranga Tamariki’s records as the father, you can apply to receive identifying information about your birth child.