Caring for someone

COVID-19 information for caregivers

We’re committed to making sure our caregivers have the information they need to keep themselves and the children in their care safe and well. We'll be sending weekly email updates to caregivers. If you do not currently receive emails from us, please contact your caregiver social worker or call us on 0508 227 377 to update your contact details.

Oranga Tamariki provides an essential service

We're supporting tamariki, whānau and caregivers at all COVID-19 alert levels. Thank you for the aroha you're giving to children and young people in your care. 

Caregiver Support Plans

Our caregiver social workers are continuing to work with Oranga Tamariki caregivers to ensure they have an up-to-date Caregiver Support Plan in place. Your plan will cover things like schooling, whānau contact, home visits and respite care.

We're also prepared to move back up the alert levels if needed but we really hope this doesn't happen.

Returning to a 'new' normal might be challenging for some children and young people, especially going back to school and seeing their whānau again. Your caregiver social worker is here to help, so get in touch if you have any concerns.

If someone in your household has cold or flu-like symptoms, please contact your doctor or Healthline immediately and arrange a COVID-19 test. Please also contact your caregiver social worker and the child’s social worker.

Playing it safe

At alert level 1 we can safely make home visits and have people visit our offices. These visits are important to ensure tamariki are safe and well, and whānau and caregivers are getting the support they need. We'll also continue to connect with you by email, phone and video calls.

The wellbeing of you, your whānau and our staff is our top priority. We’re also aware you may have vulnerable people in your home that you’re worried about.

  • Your social worker will call you before they make a home visit. They’ll ask you some questions about the health of everyone in your household and talk you through our safety measures.
  • If they aren’t able to contact you by phone and need to visit urgently, they’ll ask you these questions when they arrive.
  • They'll wash their hands before they visit and between visits.
  • If you or someone in your household is unwell or self-isolating, we may still need to visit and your social worker will take extra precautions.
  • If your social worker is sick, they will not come to your home or see you until they are well again.

Financial support

We know that caregivers are facing added financial pressures, and your caregiver social worker is here to support you and connect you to other agencies and services.

Read about the Budget 2020 caregiver package to find out what extra support you're entitled to.