Improving care options

Creative thinking and planning across our sites in Auckland means tamariki now have better options for care placements. 

Published on
26 Apr 2018
care places in akl

Better options for care

For several months we’ve been working on new initiatives possibilities for care options, including a focus on improving emergency care. 

A number of managers and partnerships are involved, and have come up with collaboration gold: creating additional emergency homes, centralising emergency placements, and teaming up with providers to share resources.  

Auckland region is celebrating the success of this work with now a total of 39 children placed to date in these improved care options.

“These options are vital to ensuring social workers can tend to supporting rangatahi emotionally”

Regional Manager

Improving quality of care

One of the collaborations is between Oranga Tamariki and Housing NZ, as well as a provider who held the tenancy with Housing New Zealand and another provider who was able to offer the caregivers.

Papakura Site Manager, Jaymee Wells, says just recently they were faced with needing an alternative care arrangement for three rangatahi, who all had incredibly complex needs. Having an emergency option available meant social workers could get on and do the right thing.

“It took one phone call to the Auckland Placement Coordination Team, and we were able to place all three rangatahi in an emergency placement together. The house was all set up ready to go,” she says.

There is still plenty of work to be done and the teams are committed to working together to find more solutions for our tamariki.