L'Oréal: Face your Future

Fostering Kids NZ and L’Oréal celebrate a decade of helping young people in care realise their potential.

Published on
26 Apr 2018

Building confidence and skills

Venturing out into the world and pursuing a career that fills you with passion and ambition can be challenging for young people, no matter what their background may be. 

The ‘Face Your Future’ programme provides young people with inspirational speakers who have all achieved their goals despite the challenges they faced as kids in care. It also provides workshops, advice and practical tools they need to make a good impression and maintain focus in whatever field of work they pursue.


Anything is possible

Minister of Defence and Minister of Veterans Affairs Ron Mark has been a passionate supporter and contributor to the ‘Face Your Future’ programme since its inception. He has openly shared the challenges he’s faced in life since becoming a ward of the state at the age of 3.

“You need to be focused on making you everything you can be, and when you succeed there is no greater satisfaction in life than looking at your own kids or at your job and saying to yourself, I did it.

Hit recording artist and musician Pieter T was joined by former model, now successful business owner Amanda Betts and both openly shared their stories of struggle and success, encouraging everyone to find what they are passionate about and pursue it relentlessly.

"Your attitude determines your altitude in life"

Powerful messages were shared with the ‘Face Your Future’ participants and for one young woman, there was one message in particular that really resonated with her.

“I think the message they shared about ‘your attitude determining your altitude in life’ really struck me because it’s true, if you have a positive attitude and work hard, those people  are proof that you can achieve whatever you want.”

“If you hold on to the past and use it as a reason not to stay focused you will never get anywhere. So I will take that with me and will always keep it in the back of my mind”

Young person

Working together for the future of our youth

L’Oréal and Fostering Kids NZ will continue to work together for the benefit of young people in care.

Tanya Abbott of L’Oréal says, “We are honoured to have had so many young people want to be a part of the programme, they have come from all over the country including the deep south, Invercargill and Waiuku to be here.”

“I want to pay tribute to everyone involved in the programme, particularly the dedicated people from Fostering Kids NZ who look after the caregivers in this country. If it wasn’t for this team, this programmes would not exist, so thank you.”

With programmes like ‘Face Your Future’ and the dedication of all those who support it, the pathway for many young people and what they need to achieve their goal has become a lot clearer.