Official Information Act

OIA responses

Responses to selected Official Information Act (OIA) requests received by the Ministry are published here.

These responses provide information released under the provisions of the OIA and indicate if information is withheld and why.

Date Details of the request Download/View
3 Oct 2018 Information about the process for managing ROCs OIA Response (PDF 436KB)
28 Sept 2018 Total number of children and young people with reports of concern and the total number requiring further
action, by notifier type for financial year 2017/18.
OIA Response (PDF 904KB)
20 Sept 2018 Statistics regarding call waiting times, unallocated notifications and
Family Group Conferences since January 2017
OIA Response (PDF 656KB)
7 Sept 2018 Requirements for social workers, registration details/requirements and the number of registered and unregistered social workers employed OIA Response (PDF 820KB)
3 Sept 2018 Information about training for Oranga Tamariki Policy team OIA Response (PDF 320KB)
21 Aug 2018 Information about the gender pay gap and flexible working arrangements OIA Response (PDF 876KB)
21 Aug 2018 Information about Report of Concern, Complaint and Grievance procedures OIA Response (PDF 652KB)
14 Aug 2018 Names and cost of agencies used to search for the initial Deputy Chief
Executives of Oranga Tamariki
OIA Response (PDF 276KB)
3 Aug 2018 Information about complaints against youthlink staff OIA Response (PDF 762KB)
25 Jul 2018 Information Management policies in 1968 OIA Response (PDF 624KB)
20 Jul 2018 CEAP Terms of Reference OIA Response (PDF 1.93MB)
12 Jul 2018 Information about Oranga Tamariki contracts with MethCon OIA Response (PDF 220KB)
3 Jul 2018 Staff numbers and handling of section 132 reports at the Wairarapa office. OIA Response (PDF 1.3MB)
2 Jul 2018 Information about budgeting for possible future compensation payments, and how Oranga Tamariki works with families OIA Response (PDF 244KB)
20 Jun 2018 Information about case management system used by Oranga Tamariki (CYRAS) OIA Response (PDF 636KB)
27 Jun 2018 Details of the working relationship and agreements between Oranga Tamariki and the Ministry of Education OIA Response (PDF 500KB)
14 Jun 2018 Statistics and information about OIA responses by Oranga Tamariki. OIA Response (PDF 428KB)
12 Apr 2018 The number of physical abuse or verbal abuse incidents at Oranga Tamariki sites to 28 Feb 2018. OIA Response (PDF 264KB)
10 Apr 2018 Correspondence or contracts with Thompson + Clark OIA Response (PDF 199KB)
6 Apr 2018  Ownership and profit of Oranga Tamariki and rehoming quotas. Information on staff arrested for crimes.  OIA Response (PDF 414KB)
5 Mar 2018 Information about cigarette smoking by staff at Oranga Tamariki OIA Response (PDF 358KB)
23 Feb 2018 Statistics about social workers and qualifications OIA Response (PDF 217KB)
10 Oct 2017 Numbers of vehicles owned or leased by the Ministry and running costs OIA Response (PDF 4.3MB)
7 Sept 2017 All policies and procedures for dealing with requests received under the Privacy Act and the Official Information Act OIA Response (PDF 7.6MB)
24 Aug 2017 Ethnicity of members of staff of Oranga Tamariki, and the former Child, Youth and Family OIA Response (PDF 1.9MB)
4 July 2017 Information about the number of social workers the Ministry employs, vacancies, and social worker caseloads OIA Response (PDF 8.9MB)
4 July 2017 Data relating to numbers for social workers, senior social workers, caseloads and notifications OIA Response (PDF 1.2MB)
13 June 2017 Number of Social Workers in Schools positions in West Auckland, including information about the average length of time to hire a social worker following a resignation OIA Response (PDF 1.3MB)