Research seminars
Research seminars

Evidence Centre seminar: May 2018

Our May seminar featured presentations about current multiple disadvantage and vulnerable transience using data from the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).

Published on
19 Jun 2018

IDI Insights: Understanding Multiple Disadvantage and Vulnerable Transience

The seminar featured two presentations "What is the scale of vulnerable transience in New Zealand" and "Multiple disadvantage and government spending".

People experiencing difficulties across several life areas at the same time eg. health, housing, employment, can be described as having "multiple disadvantage" while "vulnerable transience" is defined as moves that lead to worse outcomes for people.

The studies used government data (from the Integrated Data Infrastructure) to look at how the wellbeing of people is affected by multiple disadvantage and vulnerable transience.

Eric Krassoi Peach is a senior analyst and researcher at the Ministry of Social Development (formerly of Superu)

Eric Krassoi Peach: Multiple disadvantage and government spending

Eric gave a short background on his work exploring multiple disadvantage using General Social Survey data linked to the IDI.

Jason Timmins is a principal analyst at the Education Review Office (formerly of Superu)

Jason Timms: What is the scale of vulnerable transience in New Zealand?

Jason's presentation looked at "transience" - something that can lead to poorer outcomes in education, health and wellbeing.

Jason reported on research, commissioned by the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit, that used the IDI to estimate how many New Zealanders are transient and at risk of poor life outcomes.

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