Building on the commitment to tamariki Māori

Video transcript

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Oranga Tamariki and our iwi and Māori partners are working together to improve the lives of tamariki Māori.

We all agree more must be done to support tamariki and whānau. 

(Dee-Ann Wolferstan - Te Iwi o Ngati Kahu Trust and Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri Trust)

I think what works well for Māori is the importance that Oranga Tamariki are placing on whakapapa. And so we’re involved in two different models of whakapapa research for mokopuna in care to return them to whānau hapū or iwi. So I think they need to focus more on those types of co-design solutions that are going to help Māori children return to their whānau.

(Hingatu Thompson - Manaaki Ora Trust)

I’d like to see Māori being able put through what are our priorities for tamariki, what are the things that we want to achieve, and then I’m really pleased that Oranga Tamariki are taking an approach to try and work closely with Māori. In particular, I’d like to see that every Māori child in the country has the option of having support form a kaupapa Māori service.

(Prime Minister Jacinda Adern) 

So let’s start with that starting point of child well-being, let’s bring in all of the knowledge you have in this room, let’s have a genuine conversation and let’s make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child.

(Minister for Children, Tracey Martin)

Māoridom has always wanted to participate with Government, has always wanted to try and do best by the children that we’re talking about. What I think this is, what I hope this is, is the start of that really intense relationship where they trust us, we trust them, we empower them to be able to step up for their children.

(Rawiri Waititi - Te Rūnanga O Te Whānau)

My objective for this particular hui is to ensure that we are part of the conversation - not as consultation, but as a true Treaty partner where we sit around the table and we make equal decision making. So it needs to be not just co-managed, we need co-leadership.    

(Oranga Tamariki CE, Gráinne Moss)

It is about having a collective view, actually within Māori as well as within Government. It’s all about sharing the responsibility, sharing the risk, sharing the opportunity and doing things differently and taking brave steps. I think everybody’s heart is in the mahi and everybody wants to see the best outcomes for the tamariki.