Caleb & Gabe - video transcript

(Gabe, caregiver)

Once you see the need you can never pretend like it's not there.

This is our thing. This is what we’ll probably do for the rest of our lives.

We didn't realise when we did the training that short term fostering existed. We only thought long term existed, so when we found out that you could do things like respite or transitional care or emergency care we thought, well we can do that.

(Caleb, caregiver)

We were like, dead set keen on adopting a child. Through years of sort of research and looking into it and travelling overseas and seeing what it's all about, we came to the conclusion that there wasn't such a great need for that.

(Gabe, caregiver)

We do it because we can. We've got a big house and only one daughter, and we’ve got the space and the love.

There's behaviours and things that kids come in, because obviously they have trauma and stuff that their having to deal with.

But when they come in and they've got all these behaviours like Caleb said, stealing food and that sort of thing, he says to me like "we're just here to love the kids we're not here to change them."

We've got some really special stuff that we've got from kids like the girls that just left when they came to say goodbye. They left little letters on our bedside and it was really beautiful going to bed and finding them.

You miss the kids and you wonder if they miss you, and having little things from them is really special.

(Caleb, caregiver)

If you are children focused and if you can handle children in your life, then yeah it is very rewarding.

(Gabe, caregiver)

I would much rather have loved and let go then have never loved.

I know that sounds really corny but that actually is how I feel, I’d much rather of had the kids here than pretended like it didn’t happen.