Making a house a home - video transcript

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We've partnered with Eastern Southern Youth Trust to open a family home in Strathmore. 

(Annka Bowley - Eastern Southern Youth Trust)

So the house is called Te Whare Ahuru Ō Tukanae, which means the sheltering home of Tukanae.

We just wanted a house for the young people to come in, feel safe, feel like they’re sheltered – just in a really safe, warming home.

Just little touches and stuff like the games, and you know – it just feels more homely and I’m really excited for young people to see this.

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Caregivers in the home will provide support and aroha for up to six young people at a time. 

(Hayley Millar - family home caregiver)

What we hope to achieve with the kids is just a place where they feel like it’s their home, a place where they can be safe, to find that hope again.

(Mac Millar - family home caregiver)

Some of the stuff that we’ll be doing – I know there’s a study support and then there’s gonna be some dance classes starting up and a few other events that we’ll be running so yeah we’ll definitely be getting the kids involved.

(Vicki Carmichael - Wellington Site Manager, Oranga Tamariki)

Young people come here and they’ve been through significant trauma and it’s important they come here feeling that love, feeling supported, they actually walk in the door and think this is a nice, warm, loving home.

And that’s what we’ve done here, and what Eastern Southern Youth Trust have done too, so to me that’s really exciting.


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