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Care discussion sheet — Parenting styles

This discussion sheet looks at the different styles of parenting and gives tips for how to move to being a caregiver that operates in the 'backbone style'.

About Us brochure

Information on Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children, a new Ministry
with a commitment to put vulnerable children and young people at the heart of everything we do and say.

Being in our care - what you can expect

Information for children and young people about what they can expect when they're in care.

Care and Protection FGC brochure

This brochure provides information to help you prepare for and get the best possible result from your FGC.

Care discussion sheet - Impact on Caregiver Families

This discussion sheet provides information on the impact of caring on the whole family/whānau.

Care discussion sheet - Securing Permanency

This discussion sheet looks at securing of guardianship rights when caregivers decide
they want to provide a permanent living arrangement for a mokopuna in their care, and the support available to permanent caregivers.

Care discussion sheet - What is Maltreatment?

This discussion sheet provides the caregiver with information regarding what maltreatment of a child or young person can be, and the signs of abuse including emotional, physical, and sexual or neglect.

Care discussion sheet – Keeping you and your family safe

This discussion sheet helps to understand what types of situations you may find yourself in which might impact the safety of you and your family. It also identifies prevention strategies.

Care discussion sheet — Achieving independence

This discussion sheet looks at how to support young people in care to acquire the knowledge and life skills they need to transition successfully into adulthood.

Care discussion sheet — Attachment types

This discussion sheet introduces caregivers to a number of types of attachment including secure, ambivalent, avoidant and disorganised attachment.

Care discussion sheet — Coping with grief and loss

This discussion sheet looks at appropriate ways caregivers can respond to a child or young person's grief and loss.

Care discussion sheet — Custody and guardianship

This discussion sheet defines the rights and responsibilities of both guardianship and custody when a child or young person goes into care. It also looks at the different sorts of guardianship.

Care discussion sheet — Healthy eating

This discussion sheet looks at the benefits of healthy, balanced eating and what to do if a child or young person comes from a less than ideal environment or has strong food preferences.

Care discussion sheet — Keeping kids safe

This discussion sheet offers practical ways to ensure a child's personal safety at home and what to do if a child discloses physical or sexual abuse.

Care discussion sheet — Living or working with traumatised children

This discussion sheet helps caregivers respond to a child in care, using a trauma informed approach.

Care discussion sheet — Mokopuna disclosing abuse

This discussion sheet looks at how to support a child or young person when they talk about abuse and how to create a record of the information disclosed.

Care discussion sheet — Safe sleeping for babies

This discussion sheet explains Sudden Unexpected Death Infancy (SUDI), how it can be prevented and creating a safe sleep environment.

Care discussion sheet — Stages of brain development

This discussion sheet looks at the importance of children's early experiences in relation to how the brain develops.

Care discussion sheet — Teamwork

This discussion sheet provides information for caregivers about the roles and responsibilities within the Oranga Tamariki team which they are part of.

Care discussion sheet — Windows of opportunity

This discussion sheet looks at when a child is most ready to acquire certain skills and how a child's learning can be enriched.