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Placing your child for adoption

Adoption is a permanent legal arrangement and your child’s adoptive parents will have full parental rights and responsibilities. Most adoptions in New Zealand are ‘open adoptions’ where the birth parents and the adoptive family know of each other and may keep in touch.  The adoption process Talk to a social workerYour first step...

When does a child go into care?

Sometimes the decision for a child to live with someone else happens quickly, because there's been an incident or emergency situation where we needed to work quickly to make sure they're safe.Each situation is different. But our focus always remains the same – doing what's best for the child or young person, and making sure they have a safe, stable and loving home at the earliest opportunity. This might mean they can retur...

Worried about a child? Tell us

If you, or a child or young person you know is in immediate danger call:POLICE ON 111 Need to talk? We're here for you. Call freephone:0508 326 459Lines open 24/7, or email us at Are you a young person? We want you to feel safe - at home, at school and everywhere else. It's OK to feel worried sometimes, and it's good to share your problems with someone. If something happens that makes you fe...

Child development milestones - your child at 3 years

Child development milestones - your child at 5 years