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Surrogacy and adoption

It’s in a child’s best interest to have a legal relationship with the parents who will be raising them. Therefore you’ll need to apply to adopt your child through the New Zealand Family Court, so the parental rights can be transferred from your surrogate mother and her partner, to you. Surrogacies arranged in New Zealand...

Who can care?

Ways you can care Information about becoming a caregiver, and the types of caregiving. Ways you can care brochure (PDF 2.6 MB) Nigel Latta 'Ways you can care' Nigel Latta interviews experts, caregivers and young people, and provides an in-depth look at the joys and challenges of caregiving. ...

A new way to support tamariki

We're partnering with Ngāpuhi Iwi Social Services to support tamariki who have offended to make positive life decisions and cultural connections.