Working with children

Programmes and community forums

We work with and fund a number of programmes and services that provide support to families and communities. Our programmes and services vary in their approach, because different people need different things, at different stages of their lives.

Some of our programmes and services are about early intervention – stopping the cycle before it happens. Others are about empowering our communities at a grass-roots level – giving them a voice and influence over the decisions that affect them. 

Community Response Forums

These are partnerships between government and the community, formed by people from communities, iwi, government agencies, and other funders including philanthropic organisations. 

Community Response Forums give communities a voice, connect government with the needs of the community, and make opportunities more available. They focus on how services can better meet the needs of vulnerable families, and develop new community-based solutions.

Forum members work closely with our regional managers to gather information from community networks and to also provide input into regionally-developed investment plans.

Forum members do not make decisions on funding allocations or select providers to deliver services. But after engaging with forums, regional managers can make more informed decisions about which projects are funded, and how much funding they receive.

Community Response Forums