Youth Justice

Youth Justice

Youth Justice is for children and young people who have, or are alleged to have committed an offence. It gives them a genuine opportunity to change their lives for the better without getting a criminal record, and to make positive strides forward.

We aim to work in partnership with others to address the underlying factors that contribute to offending as early as possible, to reduce the potential for lifelong offending. We also want to better support victims to participate in Youth Justice processes.

youth justice family group conferences overview

Family group conferences

Youth Justice family group conferences give the child or young person who has offended a chance to own up to what they've done.

They work with their whānau, victims and professionals to find solutions and make amends.

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children who offend overview 2

Children who offend

We recognise that children aged 10 to 14 who offend, need to be treated in a unique way.

Our focus is always on the child and working with their whānau to find a positive solution.

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youth justice supporting victims overview

Supporting victims

Victims of crime can play an important role in making sure young people face up to what they've done when they've offended.

We can provide help and support to make this happen.

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Youth Justice residences

Residences provide a safe, secure and supportive environment where young people can get their lives back on track and improve their prospects for the future.

There are many reasons that determine why a young person might go to a residence, and how long they might stay.

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Youth Crime Action Plan

We are a key partner of the Youth Crime Action Plan. It's another way we're working more closely with other government agencies to help reduce youth crime and re-offending.

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