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The Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements and potential of young people in care across New Zealand.

He Kōtuku Rerenga Tahi

Recognising the achievements of care-experienced young people realising their potential.

Highlights of The Prime Minister's Oranga Tamariki Awards 2019


The Prime Minister's Oranga Tamariki Awards 2019 – video transcript

(Upbeat inspiring music plays throughout the video)

William Waiirua (former Oranga Tamariki youth worker):
There you are, I didn’t see you there. We’re down here at Spruce Goose, for Oranga Tamariki.

Amanda Wright (Oranga Tamariki Events Manager):
These amazing young people have done some amazing work and are achieving at a high level. They're here for the Prime Minister's awards.
These twenty two young people are receiving scholarships today, that will support them in their study, their vocation, their leadership and professional development into their future. It's a huge recognition and an amazing opportunity.

Hollie Oswald (Oranga Tamariki Social Worker):
Lots of these kids haven’t even gone on a plane before, and I just think being really treated, feeling really special for the day is what they'll probably remember the most.

Amanda Wright:
They are going to explore, they are going to get their hair and make-up done, they’re being well looked after and loved, then they're going to meet the Prime Minister.

Award recipient:
I’m Caitlin

Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister):
Kia Ora Caitlin, how are you?
You look gorgeous as well. All of a sudden I feel so underdressed.

Jacob Gibbons (Award recipient):
A lot of things that I’ve done in my life, I didn’t think it would all lead up to meeting the Prime Minister. It’s pretty unreal, like. Her acknowledging my work, acknowledging my success. It’s pretty memorable for me that she would take time out of her day to speak to me, and see me. I hope that my art inspires a lot of other people in the future.

Tracey Martin (Minister for Children):
Those who are here today who are going to be awarded, you are the embodiment of resilience.

Gráinne Moss (Oranga Tamariki CEO):
These awards, hopefully, can take you one step forward, they recognise how far you’ve come, but actually, more importantly, how much further you can go.

Like I say to my kids, the stars are the limits, you know? Anything’s achievable, you know like, only you will stop you from achieving anything in this world.

Reyana Wilson (Award recipient):
A chance can mean everything, you know when somebody looks at us and says, you know, I think you can be something, I think you can do something, that’s major, and that’s giving us something that we don’t necessarily have already and you know, that means the world. This opens one door and it can really take you anywhere.

(Oranga Tamariki logo comes on screen)

End of transcript.

Nominations open

Anyone can nominate any care-experienced young person in New Zealand for a Prime Minister's Oranga Tamariki Award.

Nominations open Tuesday 14 July and close Friday 4 September.

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What are The Prime Minister's Oranga Tamariki Awards?

The Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Awards is an annual event recognising young people who have been in care in New Zealand.

The event is held in December and involves a full day of celebrating the award winners who come together with their nominator and social worker (or other support person) in Wellington. The day ends with an award ceremony hosted by the Prime Minister where scholarships are presented to each of the special rangatahi who have demonstrated incredible resilience to overcome challenges and achieve amazing things. 

The event is made possible every year by the generosity of the sponsors who offer up to 20 scholarships annually.

Scholarships valued from $3,000 help rangatahi further their passions to achieve their aspirations for their futures – whether that’s academic study or trade industries, creative development, following a passion, interest or sport, contributing to their communities or developing their leadership skills.

Published: July 17, 2019 · Updated: July 7, 2020