Working with children

Information for providers

We work with communities, NGOs and government agencies to support at-risk children and young people. Here you'll find information about funding for providers, including the funding code of practice.

Service Specifications/Service Guidelines

An A-Z of Service Specifications and Service Guidelines produced by Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children. The Service Specifications/Service Guidelines are listed by the service/programme name. eg. Family Start, Social Workers in Schools.

Service Specifications and Service Guidelines: A-Z


Alcohol and Other Drugs Residential (PDF 648KB)


Breakaway School Holiday Programmes (PDF 366KB)


Care and Permanency (PDF 617KB)

Community Initiatives For Youth At Risk (PDF 423KB)

Community Integration Service (PDF 492KB)

Community Youth Programmes (PDF 375KB)

Coordination of services for children at risk of harm (PDF 304KB)

Court Supervised Camps With Mentoring (PDF 631KB)


Early Years Service Hub (PDF 422KB)

Enhanced Caregiver Support (PDF 249KB)

Entitlement to Remain, or Return to, Living with a Caregiver (PDF 566KB)


Family and Crisis Counselling Guidelines (PDF 468KB)

Family Services (PDF 478KB)

Family Start Manual (PDF 1MB)

Family Wellbeing (PDF 1MB)

Family Violence Intervention (PDF 157KB)


Gateway Assessment (PDF 441KB)


Harmful Sexual Behaviour Early Intervention and Youth (PDF 1.7KB)


Intensive Clinical Support Services (PDF 545KB)


Mentoring Programmes (PDF 534KB)

Multiagency Support Services in Secondary Schools (PDF 383KB)

Multiagency Support Services in Secondary Schools Partnering Agreement (DOC 143KB)


Parenting Education Programmes (PDF 448KB)

Primary Level Mental Health (PDF 946KB)


Residential Respite Camps (PDF 417KB)


Shared Care With Detention Provision (PDF 946KB)

Shared Care (PDF 940KB)

Social Workers in Schools - Partnering Agreement (DOC 209KB)

Social Workers in Schools (PDF 1.1MB)

Specialist Behaviour Support Service (PDF 544KB)

Specialist Youth Services Corps Programme (PDF 386KB)

Statutory Care and Social Work Service (PDF 427KB)

Strengthening Families (PDF 547KB)

Supervision With Activity (PDF 734KB)

Supported Bail (PDF 501KB)

Supported Housing For Vulnerable Teen Parents (PDF 472KB)

Supported Living (PDF 445KB)


Teaching Family Model in NZ (PDF 1MB)

Teen Parents And Their Children (PDF 385KB)

Towards Wellbeing (PDF 689KB)

Transition to Adulthood (PDF, 882KB)

Treatment Foster Care Oregon (PDF 1.2MB)


Wraparound Intensive Individualised Support (PDF 567KB)

Wraparound Services (PDF 413KB)


Youth Development Programmes (PDF 516KB)

Youth Justice Health Assessment Training (PDF 102KB)

Youth Services Strategy (PDF 766KB)

Youth Services (PDF 372KB)

Youth Workers In Secondary Schools-cc Model (PDF 381KB)

Youth Workers In Secondary Schools-no cc Model (PDF 473KB)

Youth Workers In Secondary Schools Partnering Agreement (DOC 101KB)